Research has shown that teams develop over time and become more effective in the later phases of development. We help teams to identify and work with obstacles and challenges in order to become a collaborative team more quickly. Often it is about developing team meetings, interaction and communication. A development process often commences with an analysis of the team’s current situation with the aid of a GDQ, for example. (Group Development Questionnare).

Sara Andersson

“PTS is the supervisory body for the fast-moving, change-prone telecoms industry, and there are high expectations of us to deliver high-quality results. It is crucial for us to have a well-developed workforce in which clear goals, roles and processes are key building blocks. The partnership we have had with Sandahl Partners in our workforce programme has been invaluable in building up the foundation on which we now operate. Without you and your book “Assume your role at work”, this would not have been possible.”

Sara AnderssonHead of Social Affairs Department PTS