Our starting point is that all leaders can become more functional and successful and that leadership can be trained. We regard good leadership as a function of the organisation creating the right conditions, that the individual wants to and can assume their leadership role and that the employees contribute to a working collaboration. When all parts work together towards the goal, this creates the optimum conditions for success. Based on this system perspective, we work inter alia with

  • Individual leadership development/coaching
  • Personal assessment and 360-analysis with a view to development
  • Leadership development programme

“It feels as if the person with whom I have contact has a genuine interest in understanding the challenges facing me and my organisation and wants to assist in the development of both me and my organisation in the best way.”

Petra Andorff
Petra Andorff Deputy General Secretary, Kvinna till Kvinna

“It was great when the training gave me an understanding of what I can do as a person and what I do in my role, and how I can combine these. It was a real step forward in my development.”

Susanne Sallami
Susanne SallamiBusiness Director, Botkyrka municipality